We have within us a deep desire to hit the road and travel, to explore and enjoy this beautiful country of ours. Starting close to home in San Diego we branch out to explore all corners. The seashores east and west, the mountains, deserts and National Parks that have taken our breath away on screen and excited our souls. Let us share with you and inspire you to explore a wanderlust you may have yet to tapped into. Spread your wings and take flight! The adventure begins!

Discover amazing food from around the country via the FoodiPhone connection. We take videos of regional cuisine being recreated in our own kitchen, creators of foodie delights on the road or wherever we might find them. All of this with one amazing tool ~ the iPhone! From shooting the video, to video editing, sound editing, snappy music and credits, we do it all on the iPhone. No heavy cameras or lifting here! Join us as we visually whet your appetites for food travel! 

In Traveling Shoes we take you on the road to see all the wonders of North America. Oh yes, it is a really big trip! Mostly in our RV, but you never know what other form of travel may pop up. You’ll just have to get on board and cruise this country with us! All a board, this train is leaving the station!

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