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Spicy Ahi Tuna-tini

Spicy Ahi Tuna-tini

One of the many joys of living in a RV community are the constant opportunities to hang out with friends! Yes, you heard me right! Living in an RV community! As we cruised across country we made a planned 5 day stop in the Star Valley. What wasn’t planed was how much we would love it here, the people we would meet and our desire to stay longer….much, much longer! Continue reading

Dilled Ranch Red Skin Potato Salad

Summertime means grilling and potato salad! My Mom made a great potato salad and her’s is my measuring stick, to this day, for all potato salads. I am such a fan of potato salad that I am always on the lookout for inspiration that will give a twist to the traditional mustard and ketchup style salads. You’ll never guess where I found my inspiration! Continue reading

Coffee Spice Rubbed Tri-tip

As soon as the warm weather hits, I think of grilling! Anything on the grill, from meat to vegetables, tastes so much better. And eating outside just adds to the fun! It feels like a party! Tri-tip is the perfect cut of meat for a crowd too. It is one of the more under utilized cuts and yet it is one of the most affordable. Give it a rub of spicy love and watch the faces of your friends as the fabulous smells fill the air!  Continue reading

Grilled Chili Orange Drumsticks

Some like it HOT! Spicy that is, and my family sure does! If there’s a way to put hot sauce in, on or around food, we will do it! But here’s the rub, we don’t all like it to the same heat level. Most of us like a zippy zing but some would prefer to nearly blow the hair off your head. Compromises are necessary, which is easy to do with the spicy glaze basted on at the end. Everyone is happy and isn’t that the goal?

Continue reading

Full Irish Scramble

Leftovers! An American Irish girl’s take on the traditional “Full Irish Breakfast”. In Ireland, this is breakfast on a grand scale, thus the “full” part of the name. Traditionally served with Irish sausage, Irish bacon or rasher, blood sausage, fried egg, fried mushrooms and tomatoes, baked beans (oh yes, it’s true) potatoes or boxy (griddle bread) and a cup of freshly brewed tea to wash it all down. It is a staggering amount of food! My memories of these breakfasts are fond, but at home I lighten it up quite a bit and put a modern twist on things.  Continue reading

Green Goddess Dip or Dressing

Green Goddess Dressing was created in 1923 at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco for an event honoring actor George Arliss, who starred in the hit play of the time, The Green Goddess. A twist on the traditional, this version has been lightened by using Greek yogurt and olive oil instead of mayonnaise and sour cream. And the herb combo has dill in lieu of tarragon (done with a special friend in mind that doesn’t like tarragon!)  Continue reading

Chicken Shepherd’s Pie

I’m pretty sure there are some shepherds that don’t eat beef or lamb. And there’s probably a whole herd of them who don’t tolerate gluten well either. This pie is made with chicken simmered in a broth flavored with lemon zest and thyme, thickened with corn starch not flour. So if you’re one of those shepherds, wandering around, looking for that kind of pie, look no further! This pie’s for you! Continue reading

Turkey Albondigas Vegetable Soup

Albondigas! I even love the sound of the word. Meatballs! Sounds good too but it just doesn’t have the same excitement to it. They mean the same thing but the translation is in the ingredients. This is not your traditional albondigas soup. No rice in the meatballs (faster) with hominy and blacks beans in the broth. Albondigas! Continue reading

California Chopped Salad

I have cravings……the kind of cravings that run around in your head until you just have to have it! Lots of people crave sweets but not me. For me it’s salty and savory that gets me going. And it’s usually Mexican food! How’s the saying go? “Life without Mexican food is like no life at all!” Here’s how I satisfy those cravings the healthy way! Continue reading

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