Oh, What Tangled Webs We Weave!

These are some of the easiest wow factor cupcakes you can make and your friends will be asking where you got them. How much fun will you have telling them that you made them yourself! Spider webs are one of the essential elements for Halloween but they don’t just have to be on your front porch. Extend that theme onto the dessert tray with these spider web cupcakes. Sometimes it is downright fun to weave a tangled web!

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Rats in the Cheesecake!

There’s something about rodents at Halloween that are expected and acceptable in connection with food. These rats are so cute and they taste good too! I couldn’t find the candy coated sunflower seeds so I used a pinch of yellow from a candy corn kernel and rolled it into eyes. For the mouth I used a Red Hot cinnamon candy. They even looked a little more sinister! 

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I Love the Muffins, Oh Man!!

These are so cute!! Last year Williams-Sonoma made just an acorn Cakelet pan and I didn’t find time to pick one up. But this year I ran like a little squirrel to gather my nuts and came back with not only acorns but walnuts, pumpkins and pinecones! They have changed the Cakelet icons this year to include 4 different ones for a total of 24 fun, fall shapes. You can serve them individually or sandwiched together to form three-dimensional treats.

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