SOS – Save Our Sodas!

Don’t you just hate it when you flip over your soda can on the carpet, or worse, on your outfit while in the car! Finally a stealth “Sippy Cup” for adults! I love this idea! Usually I find infomercials a creative form of entertainment when you just can’t sleep but this one really grabbed me! It is such a simple solution to a very common problem. You can turn your favorite can drink into a bottle. You just snap on the plastic reusable top and you have a bottle instead of a can. There are so many reasons this makes sense.


1. Bottle Tops has a tight leak proof seal so don’t lose the carbonation. Eliminates Fizz Flop!

2. Bottle Tops allows you to travel with your can drink without fear of it spilling which is especially great for children or wild adults!

3. Bottle Tops prevents bugs or those pesky picnic ants from crawling into your drinks. Get your protein from your beer!

4. Bottle Tops come in 6 different colors so you can keep track of who’s drink is who’s.

5. Bottle Tops are a real money saver since they are washable and reusable and you will save on all those sodas that get poured down the drain because they have lost their fizz! FFP (Fizz Flop Protection!)

6. Bottle Tops save our landfills from plastic bottles made from petroleum products. Nasty Business those landfills.

7. Bottle Tops are great because cans are more affordable than bottles and chill faster. Not to mention the recycling possibilities! Kids can fund their own fun by recycling and learn great habits for a lifetime!

There is a bit a challenge at first to getting the top on but once you master it, you will love them! Try this in the kitchen or outside the first time in case you send the can flying across the room! You need to hold the can in front of you, center the top and press the top on. Great to pick these up at a local As Seen On TV store, Kmart, or Bed, Bath, and Beyond and you won’t have to pay for the shipping. Happy Sipping!

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