Who Drinks This Stuff?!

The devil is in the details as they say and what better time of year to have devilish details! Once your guests arrive and have taken in all the spooktacular decorations don’t forget that they will wander about so give them little details that will amuse and delight them. One of my favorites is bottles of creepy concoctions that will make you think you have been invited over to the Addams Family for cocktails!

I save up old wine bottles and liquor bottles, especially those that have an interesting shape to them like a E & J Brandy bottle or a Cointreau bottle. I tend to be a stickler for the details so I remove the old labels before I place the new ones. If the bottles are clear glass or light in color I will add water with different food colors for an extra layer of effect. I have made my own labels, purchased them from BuyCoustume.com or down loaded them from the Internet.
If you are going to create your own labels some fun ideas are “Wing of Wasp,” “Tail of Rat,” “Toe of Frog”, “Eye of Newt”, “Fang of Bat” and “Kiss of Death”, and don’t forget the “Love Potion”! I use Power Point to design the labels and then make sure they fit the bottle and print them out. Cut out the label and use a glue stick to attach them to the bottle.

I found some labels for wine bottles that you can down load compliments of BigScreamTV.com. Wine labels like Hemo Noir, White Corpusle, Bloodeaux, Sparkling Plasma from For est Sanctuary Veinyards. You can Google Halloween labels and find all kinds of free labels to download. 

Halloween Bottles
When all the bottles are complete, I arrange them in groups of 3-5 bottles in different parts of the house and stretch spider webs over them to give them an aged look. Throughout the evening I could hear my guests laughing and telling each other about the different concoctions and wondering if they were used in the punch….
Halloween Wine Labels
This will also make a fantastic hostess Halloween gift! If you are attending a Halloween party, bring a bottle with the label changed to fit the Halloween season!

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