Give Thanks to the Hostess Gifts!

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to show your appreciation for the people that have made a difference in your life, especially when you have been invited to share the holiday meal with them. A lot of work goes into the creation of the Thanksgiving meal and what better way to say thank you to the hostess, than a thoughtful gift. Here are a few of my favorite ideas this season.

Turkey, check! Stuffing, check, Cranberry sauce, check! Great conversation, check! Express what you are thankful for through tasty food and meaningful conversation.
Wishes like dreams come true. Small wishbones perfect for hostess gifts or place cards for Thanksgiving dinner. Designed by Tamara Hensick.
Silver Wishbones
Make Thanksgiving cookies or pie and leave the decorative plate. The treats will be enjoyed by all and the hostess will have a wonderful memory to share year after year. Make it creative, fun and from the heart.
Thx Cookies
Natural gourd shapes in a deep autumn glaze brings the harvest to the table in a decorative new way. Cluster with other Harvest Vases for a cornucopia of color with a floral arrangement in them. Vases Exclusively from Crate and Barrel are on sale now for $6.95.  They are also available in shorter green and yellow harvest vases for $4.95. 
My favorite idea is perfect for when I give a gift for the whole family to enjoy. Find your neighborhood dollar store, Cost Plus or Michaels and select a popcorn bowl and fill it with movie theater candy and some family games such as Uno, playing cards, or a board game. You can even include a video store gift certificate. What a great way for someone to unwind from the stress of the holidays.
Popcorn Movie Gift


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