Creating the Valentine’s Dinner Mood

I’m in the mood for love….and the key to a romantic Valentine’s dinner is without a doubt, hearts and flowers! The theme is romance and a great place to start is with heart-shaped tableware, heart-patterned tablecloth or napkins, or glasses with hearts on them.

Valentine Tableware

Attention to the small details and the use of simple, yet meaningful decorations will make your Valentine’s table look personal and stylish. The special wedding china, champagne flutes that you bought together, or a gift from a previous Valentine’s day will bring back tender memories.

Valentine's Day Centerpiece

Roses speak the language of love! Remember to keep your floral arrangement low and in the center or off to the corner of the table. You don’t want to block the loving gaze of your special someone!

Candles and glass hearts

Candles and heart shaped glass pieces randomly scattered over an elegant tablecloth spell love in a simple, sweet way.

Intimate Valentine's Dinner by the fire

Change things up a bit by moving a small table from another room right in front of the fireplace. Create your own intimate dining room right at home. The smaller the space the closer you feel to each other. And it is easier to set the mood.

Kato and the Helping Paw

Laughter and love is the key to romance so while you are busy creating your special space don’t forget, a little help from your friends is always a welcome relief!  

For more ideas to help you create a romantic Valentine’s Dinner check out the complete Valentine’s Party Box. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your special someone!

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