Theory of Relativity….A Cooks Version!

Einstein may have come up with his Theory of Relativity first but I certainly experienced my own this weekend! Since we all know about Einstein’s, let me tell you about mine. The first time you try a new recipe you are pretty sure you can make it better the next time. But that is not always the case….thus the cook’s version of the Theory. 

First of all I broke the #1 Rule of cooking – never make something the first time to serve to guests. Try it out on yourself or spouse first! Since I did not have time and really wanted to take a Pear & Blue Cheese Tart to my good friend Nancy’s going away party (she is going to Africa for 2 years with the Peace Corp!!), I decided to go for it! The first one was lopsided and the puff pastry was puffed up too big on one end and it just did not get that nice brown color I wanted….
Blue Cheese Pear Tart Featured Image  
I whipped up another one that I just knew was going to be better and worthy of her. Oh my gosh!! It took on a life of its own and ran all over the baking sheet like a lava flow. My husband heard my colorful exclamations from the other room and came to see what was going on. He looked in the oven and proclaimed, “It’s alive” like it was Frankenstein’s Monster. It was too funny! (kind of) 
 Pear and the Beast
…..and the Beast!
What was funny, was that Nancy had just asked me the week before, as she was complimenting me on another appetizer that DID work out perfectly, if I ever made anything that didn’t taste great? How sweet was that? But did this kind compliment help me attract the monster in the oven just for her? Philosophy and science in one story!
Pear Tart Was A Hit                                                             

It was a hit after all!

Well the moral of the story is….Relative to the first attempt the second one should be better but when it is not, the first one now becomes the best effort. Proving it is all relative!

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