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Give Me Gravy!

Gravy in Boat
Give me Gravy and I am a happy girl! I love mash potatoes and gravy any time of the year but on Thanksgiving is it a must! People stress over making the gravy and it really is not worth getting wound up over when you know how to make it. If all else fails, just run it through the strainer and pour it in the boat. No one will know. Gravy and a little poem to put a smile on your lips! Happy Thanksgiving to you, your family and friends!

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Kicked Up Couscous Tabbouleh

Where’s the bulgur?  I really thought I had some from the last time I made Tabbouleh but there wasn’t a kernel of cracked wheat to be found and I was really craving this light, refreshing salad. Not to worry, Couscous to the rescue! It plays in beautifully with the Mediterranean theme and it could not have been better. Being creative with the ingredients you have is what makes cooking so much fun! 

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Artichokes – The Rose Beneath the Thorns

This week I must have a thing for the odd looking vegetables because the artichoke is another one that is a strange one for many people. If you know how to make it, you will be converted to an artichoke lover for life! Once you remove the thorns and trim the leaves, it looks like a rose bud! Eating an artichoke is a bit of ritual and a healthy treat combined. You run your lower teeth over the leaves of the artichoke to capture the sweet, meaty flesh at the base that is so full of Iron and wonderful flavor. It’s an odd experience at first but sometimes the least expected things bring the most pleasure! Continue reading

Slap Ya Mama, It’s Mardi Gras!

Fat Tuesday is right around the corner and you have just enough time to throw the party together. Purple, green and gold streamers and beads, colorful plates and napkins, some Cajun music and a festive attitude is all you need. Some Crab Soup, King Cake and a Hurricane and you have the recipe for a easy Mardi Gras party right at home!

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Smokin’ Sweet Potato Casserole

Almost everyone I know loves Sweet Potato Casseroles, but not me! I have searched for one that will satisfy the sweet potato need in others and my love of smokey, spicy goodness. We tend to refer to everything as a sweet potato but what we are really wanting to use is the Yam. Yams will be an orangish-pink potato and will have the sweet flavor and fantastic color we are looking for. I think I have found the right combination of flavors for this recipe.

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New Twist for Green Bean Casserole

We love this recipe from Cooking Light. This is the perfect counterpoint to balance the flavors of Thanksgiving which are rich and savory. Green beans are a common side dish for the holidays but we typically see the tired old mushroom soup green bean casserole. The citrus brightens the flavor of the beans and helps to cut through the rich flavors of our traditional Thanksgiving offerings.

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Ban the Can! …Canned Biscuits that is!

Life gets hectic and we reach for the canned biscuits in a tube. But once you make homemade biscuits and see how easy and incredibly better they are, you will never go for the canned tube style biscuit again, I promise! This week we learned how to make biscuits and my husband and I ate them for a week and they were still flaky and flavorful as the week went on; not in the least bit dry.

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