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Don’t Abuse the Scones!

Scones are among the pastry family’s most frequently abused members. The average scone is a dense, dry, powdery affair, with only a few sad little currents to relieve the monotony—unless, of course, you slather it, English style with clotted cream and Strawberry Preserves, which should make anything taste good. Scone is a Scottish word derived from the Middle English schoonbrood, meaning schoon (pure, clean) and brood ( bread).

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Ban the Can! …Canned Biscuits that is!

Life gets hectic and we reach for the canned biscuits in a tube. But once you make homemade biscuits and see how easy and incredibly better they are, you will never go for the canned tube style biscuit again, I promise! This week we learned how to make biscuits and my husband and I ate them for a week and they were still flaky and flavorful as the week went on; not in the least bit dry.

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