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Sumi Salad

Give me some crunch!  Crunch is so satisfying. Eating is a necessity, but the crunch you get from eating certain foods kicks up the pleasure factor greatly. Practically everything in this salad rates high on the crunch factor scale. You ask, “Is there such a thing as a crunch factor scale?” Who knows, but let’s just say there is. This salad would be off the crunchin’ charts! Sumi Salad ~ Shredded crunchy green and purple cabbage, julienne carrots, green onions, and roasted almonds tossed with rice vinaigrette dressing, then garnished with wonton noodles for even more crunch. Crunch your way to health! Continue reading

Sriracha Asian Slaw

We just got back from a trip up north for my Dad’s birthday and I got to hang out with my nephew Ian. He is the true foodie in our family and whenever we get together the recipes and ideas start to fly. It is our favorite topic of conversation and we “feed” on each others enthusiasm for great food! If there is one ingredient that pops up more than any others, it is Sriracha. We love it! 

Awhile back there was talk about a Sriracha famine of sorts and we considered buying a case, just to be safe…. Ian whipped out his bottle of Sriracha and we got into who’s bottle is bigger than who’s. Guess it should have been who has hardly any left in their bottle and needs to buy some more!  Continue reading

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