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Pomegranate Daiquiris – Friday’s 5 o’clock Wet Your Whistle Call!

I remember as a kid, riding my bike over to the 7-11 to get a Slurpee. On a hot day it was worth the ride knowing that I would soon be sucking the icy, fruity concoction in through the striped straw, sitting in the shade of our front lawn tree. Makes me happy just thinking back on it. Now that I am all grown up, it doesn’t mean that a Slurpee won’t be that satisfying again, it just means that it has alcohol in it now and I won’t be riding my bike! Continue reading

Iced Mint Green Tea – Friday’s 5 o’clock Wet Your Whistle Call!

We’re having a heat wave, a tropical heat wave! Living in southern California we are used to the Santa Ana winds picking up and making the temperatures spike but this week has been in the high 90’s and the wind has been ferocious! I really needed something to cool things off and this iced tea sounded like just the ticket. With the green tea, mint and honey, it’s down right healthy!  Continue reading

Cucumber Lemonade Cooler – Friday’s 5 o’clock Wet Your Whistle Call!

Arrggh…….it’s income tax time again! I really do hate this time of year! I’d rather have a root canal! The dinning room table and floor are covered with paperwork, all sorted into neat little piles. The calculator is on fire, the spread sheet is starting to fill in, the brain is spinning, I think I’m going to scream! Continue reading

Dancing Leprechaun – Friday’s 5 o’clock Wet Your Whistle Call!

tall with lemon twist

I hear the mischievous spirit from traditional Irish folklore knocking at my door. Is it really that time of year again? Thankfully yes, and I am pulling out my favorite St Patrick’s day party gear and getting ready for the corned beef, the singing and a wearing of the green.

Whether you believe in leprechauns or not, a couple of these and you’ll be dancing like one! Continue reading