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Christmas in The City

Hyatt Hotel SF

For me, there is something magical about San Francisco! Every since I was a child and our parents would take my two brothers and me into the “The City”, I would feel a wonderful vibration start to flow through my body. When you are from Northern California like I am, you call San Francisco “The City” and everyone knows which city you mean. When you are from anywhere else, you don’t seem to have the same reverence for her as we locals do and call this wonderful lady things like “Frisco” or “San Fran”. We beg of you, please don’t! If San Francisco is too much of a mouthful, she would love to be called “The City”. It was more than excitement that came over me as we drove across the Golden Gate Bridge, it was like the feeling you get when you are going to see a favorite aunt or friend you have not seen for a very long time; someone you love and always feel good around. That’s “The City” to me! Continue reading

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