We Gather Together to Give Thanks!

Thanksgiving is a perfect time to take a moment, stop, think about all that we have to be grateful for and give thanks. This can be done anywhere but there is something about going around the Thanksgiving table and having each person express what they are grateful for in their own words that brings us back to what this day is really all about. Continue reading

Give Thanks to the Hostess Gifts!

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to show your appreciation for the people that have made a difference in your life, especially when you have been invited to share the holiday meal with them. A lot of work goes into the creation of the Thanksgiving meal and what better way to say thank you to the hostess, than a thoughtful gift. Here are a few of my favorite ideas this season.

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Don’t Abuse the Scones!

Scones are among the pastry family’s most frequently abused members. The average scone is a dense, dry, powdery affair, with only a few sad little currents to relieve the monotony—unless, of course, you slather it, English style with clotted cream and Strawberry Preserves, which should make anything taste good. Scone is a Scottish word derived from the Middle English schoonbrood, meaning schoon (pure, clean) and brood ( bread).

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I Love the Muffins, Oh Man!!

These are so cute!! Last year Williams-Sonoma made just an acorn Cakelet pan and I didn’t find time to pick one up. But this year I ran like a little squirrel to gather my nuts and came back with not only acorns but walnuts, pumpkins and pinecones! They have changed the Cakelet icons this year to include 4 different ones for a total of 24 fun, fall shapes. You can serve them individually or sandwiched together to form three-dimensional treats.

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