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I’ve got a Crush on Wine!


Crush me, Squeeze me, Make me Wine! My husband and I are working on our “wine degree”! I know, hard work tasting all that wine, but someone has to do it. Harvest Season or “Crush” is the time of year when wineries begin to pick the grapes off the vines and start the process of turning those grapes into the wines we enjoy. Continue reading

SOS – Save Our Sodas!

Don’t you just hate it when you flip over your soda can on the carpet, or worse, on your outfit while in the car! Finally a stealth “Sippy Cup” for adults! I love this idea! Usually I find infomercials a creative form of entertainment when you just can’t sleep but this one really grabbed me! It is such a simple solution to a very common problem. You can turn your favorite can drink into a bottle. You just snap on the plastic reusable top and you have a bottle instead of a can. There are so many reasons this makes sense.

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Well, Lick My Face! Chocolate Facials!

Inhale, Exhale, Relax…….

Recreate the luxury of your favorite day spa right in your own home. Let yourself be carried away. As you relax with your girlfriends, time just slips away and you are in a magical place filled with shimmering sights and soothing smells. The soft tinkle of wind chimes and the gentle sounds of music flow over your body releasing the stress of the day. You are at the spa and all is well.

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