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Irish Coffee – Friday’s 5 o’clock Wet Your Whistle Call!

Hot Irish Coffee
The birthplace of Irish Coffee was in Foynes, Ireland at the Shannon House Hotel. Chef Jim Sheridan brewed up strong coffee, broke out the whiskey and added a generous dollop of fresh cream. Some say the Irish legend was born by accident when an astonished passenger asked, “Is this Irish coffee?“

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When In Ireland…..Now Bring It Home!


What is Traditional Irish and what is American Irish is an interesting question? A little Irish history and a tasty recipe will go a long way in helping you be more Irish on St Patrick’s Day. Ask your friends “How did the Black and Tan get its name and is it cool to order one in Ireland?”  or “What do the Irish in Ireland eat on St Patrick’s Day?” You won’t need the luck of the Irish to figure this one out, it’s all right here for you! Continue reading

A Drinking of the Green! Friday’s 5 o’clock Wet Your Whistle Call!

To green or not to green, that is the question. The Irish say drink a great Irish beer and don’t mess with a good thing. But the American twist that adds a frat boy kind of fun to the whole day is to go with the green beer. It’s not complicated but there is a bit of an art to it.

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