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Valentine’s Day at Eagles Nest Winery

We’re off for another wonderful day with our friends at Eagles Nest Winery in Ramona to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Leave it to Julie to think of a fun twist for our wine tasting pleasure.

She has combined wine tasting with the sharing of appetizers and desserts in their newly re-decorated tasting room. Each taster is invited to bring their favorite recipe for a dessert or appetizer to share with everyone. There will even be prizes of their Viognier Port given for the top 3 in each category. Wonder who will tempt us most? Continue reading

A Magical Day at Eagles Nest Winery

Ever wish for a magical day and then get more than you ever hoped for? Well yesterday that is just what happened to me. My husband David and I went out to Ramona for a little wine tasting. “Ramona?” you say…that’s what I thought.
Who knew there was wine in Ramona? In fact, who knew there was great wine in Ramona? 

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