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Grilled Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus with Herb Goat Cheese

Sometimes an appetizer is so incredibly great you consider having everyone’s portion all to yourself for dinner! That’s this one! Words can’t fully convey what the palate experiences but here goes. When you take the first bite, you feel the snap of the asparagus,  a crunchy salty bite from the prosciutto and then the herbed goat cheese oozes out and your mouth is in heaven. It’s even better than that so you’ll just have to try it for yourself!   Continue reading

Put a Little Devil in Your Easter Eggs!

Easter Egg
National Egg Salad Week April 9-15

National Egg Salad Week is the full week right after Easter. Can you guess why…… could it be all the leftover Easter eggs just staring at you from the refrigerator? Transform them into something special this week and let the celebration continue! Continue reading

Valentine’s Day at Eagles Nest Winery

We’re off for another wonderful day with our friends at Eagles Nest Winery in Ramona to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Leave it to Julie to think of a fun twist for our wine tasting pleasure.

She has combined wine tasting with the sharing of appetizers and desserts in their newly re-decorated tasting room. Each taster is invited to bring their favorite recipe for a dessert or appetizer to share with everyone. There will even be prizes of their Viognier Port given for the top 3 in each category. Wonder who will tempt us most? Continue reading

Small Bites of Happiness

Small Bites
“Moderation, small helpings, sample a little bit of everything. These are the secrets of happiness and good health.” ~ Julia Child
I couldn’t agree with her more. I love little bites of food and dessert because of the variety of flavors you can savor and not feel like you have eaten a mountain of food. I came across a great site for just this kind of food simply called Finger Food Recipes. A couple yummy ones I can hardly wait to try are waiting right here just for you!

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Pear & Blue Cheese Tart

I did get quite a few requests for the Pear and Blue Cheese Tart recipe from my post detailing the adventures in my kitchen last weekend. You can check out the whole story at: Theory of Relativity, A Cook’s Version. Then come back to try it out for yourself.

The tart is a wonderful blend of tangy blue cheese and sweetness from the pear all riding on the back of a crispy puff pastry base. The tart pairs beautifully with a Riesling or Chardonnay that isn’t too oaky. And pears are in season now! Continue reading

A Spring Day in January

Spinach Cheese Swirls
Today was one of those warm days we have in January in Southern California and it was beautiful! We spent the afternoon down by the pool playing cards and relaxing. It was just one of those days that you don’t want to end. I love day light savings time because it feels like you get more time in a day and today finally felt like it would be here sooner than later. Possibly just wishful thinking but it felt good to think this way.

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