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Coffee Spice Rubbed Tri-tip

As soon as the warm weather hits, I think of grilling! Anything on the grill, from meat to vegetables, tastes so much better. And eating outside just adds to the fun! It feels like a party! Tri-tip is the perfect cut of meat for a crowd too. It is one of the more under utilized cuts and yet it is one of the most affordable. Give it a rub of spicy love and watch the faces of your friends as the fabulous smells fill the air!  Continue reading

Grilled Chili Orange Drumsticks

Some like it HOT! Spicy that is, and my family sure does! If there’s a way to put hot sauce in, on or around food, we will do it! But here’s the rub, we don’t all like it to the same heat level. Most of us like a zippy zing but some would prefer to nearly blow the hair off your head. Compromises are necessary, which is easy to do with the spicy glaze basted on at the end. Everyone is happy and isn’t that the goal?

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Chicken Shepherd’s Pie

I’m pretty sure there are some shepherds that don’t eat beef or lamb. And there’s probably a whole herd of them who don’t tolerate gluten well either. This pie is made with chicken simmered in a broth flavored with lemon zest and thyme, thickened with corn starch not flour. So if you’re one of those shepherds, wandering around, looking for that kind of pie, look no further! This pie’s for you! Continue reading

Lemon Chicken Vegetable Soup

The Quarantine has been lifted! We have been so sick for the last two weeks we might as well have been in quarantine! Sequestered in our RV, so we would not infect family and friends, we traded germs, entertained each other and generally whined about not being able to do anything! Typically, if we even get sick, any bug runs through us in a day or two but not this bugger! David got it first. Then I felt the body ache and fever start and knew I had to whip up a big pot of soup to sustain us for several days ‘cuz I was going down too! Continue reading

Spinach Turkey Roulade

Giving Thanks for friends and family, good fortune and health is something we try to do each day. This time of year tends to make me think of my blessing even more than usual. Recently we have had the great fortune to meet so many wonderful new friends as we travel up the state of California in our RV. Some we have met as we camped along the way, some we met right at the dealership when we picked up our new RV, and one couple we met through an online group of RV-ing enthusiasts!  Continue reading

Chicken Thigh Ragu over Cheesy Polenta

Easy, incredibly flavorful and elegant enough to serve to guests! And if that wasn’t enticement enough, it’s a one pot wonder! Yep, this riff on braised short ribs is made in the crock pot! My girlfriend Carolyn doesn’t eat beef so I created a chicken thigh ragu just for her! She was kind enough to share it with the rest of us! Continue reading

Asian Veggie Noodle Salad

Whoa! Where has the summer gone? I can’t believe summer is almost over! Kids of all ages are heading back to school as we gather for one last fling of summer fun! Labor Day festivities are upon us this weekend and it reminds us to take time out of our crazy schedules to relax. No labor for this girl! Let’s keep it simple, yet flavorful and fire up that barbeque!

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Avocado Pesto Club Sandwich

Who doesn’t love a tasty sandwich on crusty bread? Sandwiches are so versatile and easy to make. Now this sandwich is a party sandwich! Why? Because it will feed a crowd, you can make bunches of them in advance and they travel well. With summer upon us and picnics, concerts in the park and family reunions calling our name, this will be the crowd pleaser sandwich you have been looking for! Continue reading

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