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Easy Mushroom Gravy

Good Gravy! It’s so Easy! Everyone should make gravy when it’s this easy! I LOVE GRAVY!!! Any chance I can find to include it in a meal, you know you’re gonna find gravy served at my house. This time of year lots of people cringe at the thought of making gravy for the Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. But you really don’t have to fear the gravy when you know a few simple tricks! Continue reading

Chicken Thigh Ragu over Cheesy Polenta

Easy, incredibly flavorful and elegant enough to serve to guests! And if that wasn’t enticement enough, it’s a one pot wonder! Yep, this riff on braised short ribs is made in the crock pot! My girlfriend Carolyn doesn’t eat beef so I created a chicken thigh ragu just for her! She was kind enough to share it with the rest of us! Continue reading

Southwestern Potato Salad

Those who know me well, know I’ve never met a potato I didn’t love! But this little potato got all dressed up for Independence Day! While fireworks light up the night sky, you can rely on this salad to light up the day. The heat from the chipotle cream sauce is cooled by the fresh sweet corn. The salad is loaded with crunchy bits of celery and red bell peppers which makes for a very satisfying salad to share with friends. Continue reading

Smoked Gouda Polenta

Doin’ a little dance in the kitchen. Polenta for dinner! The only thing better than creamy, buttery, luscious polenta is polenta with smoked Gouda added to it! The smokey, rich, cheesy flavor is a decadent treat! Polenta has to be my all time favorite starchy side dishes. I know it’s not a potato, which I adore…..but it is so fast, so easy, which means I get to eat even sooner and that makes me a happy girl! This fact alone could give it it’s elevated status, but don’t stop there. Polenta loves to bring more friends to the party. Toss in your favorite melting cheese, some fresh herbs, a little bacon or pancetta and you have a million different varieties of a very satisfying, filling side dish. Creativity reigns supreme when it comes to polenta’s possibilities! What could be better than that? Continue reading

Golden Twice Baked Yukons

Aren’t tiny things the cutest? Puppies and kittens, babies and, of course, food! There is something about mini sized food and desserts that just beg you to pop them in your mouth. Maybe it’s because even the most decadent dessert or gooey cheesey treat seems harmless to the waistline if you eat them in the smallest of bites. They are so very festive and cheerful, sitting there, waiting for you, taunting you “Eat me! I am delicious!” And so you do. And you are so happy you did! Continue reading

Vegetable Hash and Eggs

What’s for breakfast? That question excites a lot of people and they can rattle off a list of things they’d loved to have for breakfast. To be honest, I’d like to do the like the Jetson’s, pop a few breakfast pills and be done with it; most days. But some days, breakfast ideas do come to mind and I can really get behind “the most important meal of the day”. Fast and easy, interesting and savory is how I like it. Today is one of those days. Continue reading

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