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Full Irish Scramble

Leftovers! An American Irish girl’s take on the traditional “Full Irish Breakfast”. In Ireland, this is breakfast on a grand scale, thus the “full” part of the name. Traditionally served with Irish sausage, Irish bacon or rasher, blood sausage, fried egg, fried mushrooms and tomatoes, baked beans (oh yes, it’s true) potatoes or boxy (griddle bread) and a cup of freshly brewed tea to wash it all down. It is a staggering amount of food! My memories of these breakfasts are fond, but at home I lighten it up quite a bit and put a modern twist on things.  Continue reading

O’Poupon Corned Beef Hash and Eggs

Riddle: What do you get when an Englishman walks into a kitchen and whips up an Irish American breakfast with a little Frenchie zing? Answer: A multi-cultural culinary mash-up! My husband David did just that. He offered to make breakfast, as he so often does, and presented me with his creation. When he asked what I thought, all he could make out between huge mouthfuls was, “Brilliant, just brilliant!” It was an oh-my-gosh-I-could-eat-this-for-breakfast-every-day kind of dish! So David says, “Do you want my recipe?” “Oh Yes!”, I say. “I want your recipe!” And so will you all! Continue reading

Luscious Berry Acai Bowl

It was a beautiful day in so many ways. One of those 80 degree weather days in January in San Diego. Perfectly warm and sunny, not a cloud in the sky and I was going to spend it with a great friend of mine! What could be better? Well, I was about to find out.

Continue reading

Vegetable Hash and Eggs

What’s for breakfast? That question excites a lot of people and they can rattle off a list of things they’d loved to have for breakfast. To be honest, I’d like to do the like the Jetson’s, pop a few breakfast pills and be done with it; most days. But some days, breakfast ideas do come to mind and I can really get behind “the most important meal of the day”. Fast and easy, interesting and savory is how I like it. Today is one of those days. Continue reading

Gluten Free Cranberry Orange Scones

Scones! To the Scottish, scones aren’t just a treat at tea time, they are a national treasure. The English eat scones mainly at teatime, but the Scots eat them almost any time they can get their hands on one. A scone with mid-morning coffee, with soup and salad at lunch, at afternoon tea or high tea, and even with a glass of wine at the cocktail hour. Grab a scone and jump on the train for a civilized and comforting journey. Anytime is a good time for a scone! Continue reading

Zippy Ninja Breakfast Shake

No time for breakfast but need to eat! That’s me! And my husband knows it. He is so cute about making sure I get something to eat before I launch myself into the crazy orbit that is my day. He makes great breakfasts on the weekends and for the weekdays it’s some version of his healthy shakes. A big part of the health in this drink is the joy and the laughter that ensues when I watch him in action.  My Ninja chef! Continue reading

Omelettes in a Bag

It’s like a magic trick! Friends of mine go camping several times a year and they talk about these omelettes they make in a bag. In a bag? Surely not a paper bag….I know Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts do it, I think even firemen do it, but I have never done it! Until now…..and it was so cool! I know, what stock pot have I been under, right? Continue reading

Rosemary Roasted Red Skin Potatoes

Rosemary can be kind of intense. I really enjoy the smell of a Christmas tree or a pine forest but having that smell right at my finger tips was not my favorite smell so I didn’t use rosemary for years. But I do adore my husband and he likes rosemary so I thought I’d venture into the piney wildness and make him something with rosemary in it. Being an Irish girl at heart, the first thing that came to mind was potatoes. Continue reading

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