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Grilled Chili Orange Drumsticks

Some like it HOT! Spicy that is, and my family sure does! If there’s a way to put hot sauce in, on or around food, we will do it! But here’s the rub, we don’t all like it to the same heat level. Most of us like a zippy zing but some would prefer to nearly blow the hair off your head. Compromises are necessary, which is easy to do with the spicy glaze basted on at the end. Everyone is happy and isn’t that the goal?

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Full Irish Scramble

Leftovers! An American Irish girl’s take on the traditional “Full Irish Breakfast”. In Ireland, this is breakfast on a grand scale, thus the “full” part of the name. Traditionally served with Irish sausage, Irish bacon or rasher, blood sausage, fried egg, fried mushrooms and tomatoes, baked beans (oh yes, it’s true) potatoes or boxy (griddle bread) and a cup of freshly brewed tea to wash it all down. It is a staggering amount of food! My memories of these breakfasts are fond, but at home I lighten it up quite a bit and put a modern twist on things.  Continue reading

Spicy Pecan Marmalade over Cream Cheese

Invite me to your house! I love it! Foodie friends make fantastic dishes of their own and it gives me inspiration and pleasure to share them. Every since I was a kid I loved to eat at other people’s houses. Sometime I got to eat things my Mom didn’t allow us to have! (she was very health conscious) What is it about the not so healthy stuff that is so alluring? Continue reading

Mango Shrimp Salsa

Mango Shrimp Salsa

We love having friends, old and new, come by our RV for cocktails and appetizers! It’s an easy way to hang out, discover new things about each other and nibble on tasty treats. There is a rule among the RVing crowd, besides the #1 rule, make new friends wherever you go. It’s the Rule of  6-4-2! Basically it says – 6 for cocktails, 4 for dinner and 2 to sleep. We always feel the more the merrier is much more fun, except for sleepover part!  Continue reading

Blood Orange Vinaigrette

It’s who you know that makes all the difference! We just happen to be staying with the Wagner’s on their ranch and there is an abundance of winter fruit just ripe for the picking. When Donna asked if we’d like some blood oranges, I just couldn’t resist! And true to their giving nature, I soon had a bag of blood oranges and Meyer lemons. In this bag was a lovely vinaigrette just waiting to be made! Continue reading

Easy Mushroom Gravy

Good Gravy! It’s so Easy! Everyone should make gravy when it’s this easy! I LOVE GRAVY!!! Any chance I can find to include it in a meal, you know you’re gonna find gravy served at my house. This time of year lots of people cringe at the thought of making gravy for the Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. But you really don’t have to fear the gravy when you know a few simple tricks! Continue reading

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