Sauces, Salsa and Rubs

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Easy Mushroom Gravy

Good Gravy! It’s so Easy! Everyone should make gravy when it’s this easy! I LOVE GRAVY!!! Any chance I can find to include it in a meal, you know you’re gonna find gravy served at my house. This time of year lots of people cringe at the thought of making gravy for the Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. But you really don’t have to fear the gravy when you know a few simple tricks! Continue reading

Grilled Chili Lime Pork Tenderloin

What’s for dinner…the other white meat! Pork tenderloin is so versatile and it is much more affordable than beef tenderloin. Guess you could call it the “friendly meat”. Many years ago I thought I didn’t like pork tenderloin and I can’t imagine why. Pork tenderloin is such an agreeable cut of meat. As I reflect back on that decision I can’t for the life of me remember why I had such a crazy notion. What’s not to like? It’s tender, succulent, can be marinated or rubbed with a myriad of seasonings, and it is so fast and easy to make. In fact, it cooks so fast, it’s ideal for a week night dinner. It is the perfect canvas on which to build a masterpiece! Continue reading

Chicken with Dijon “Beurre Blanc”

Bienvenue en France! Welcome to France, a country filled with tales of aristocrats, wars and revolutions, but mostly of cuisine, wine and cheeses. On the International Cooking Tour we will discover not only the food of France but some of the people who made it what it is today. One such person, Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin, said “Tell me what you eat and I will tell you who you are.” So who are you when it comes to food?

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Argentine Chimichurri Sauce

Argentine Chimichurri Sauce

When I think of chimichurri sauce I usually think of grilled steak with a sauce that’s a cross between Mexican Salsa and Italian Vinaigrette. This little number is more of an earthy, herbaceous emulsion and it is perfect with grilled chicken or fish. A whole new world of chimichurri has opened up for me! And it’s so much more than just a sauce to drape over the main event, meat! Continue reading

Jamaican Jerk Chicken with Cilantro Aioli

Our first stop on the International Cooking Tour is the Caribbean! When I think of the Caribbean, I remember a few of the magical trips I’ve taken to the islands. The warm tropical breezes, the crystal clear turquoise waters filled with colorful fish, the sound of steel drums floating through the air and music that makes you want to dance, snorkeling and scuba diving…and the food. But is has not always been a place of rest and relaxation. In order to understand the food, it helps to understand a bit of the history of the islands. When Columbus “discovered” the Islands of the West Indies in 1492, he was not the first man to set foot on these islands. But the arrival of Christopher Columbus changed everything. Continue reading

Take It Outside!

Grill It All
Every since I was a child I thought food tasted better when you ate it outside. From camping trips to eating a vine ripe tomato with a shaker of salt while watering the garden, it just tasted more real outside.
Now the summer season is almost upon us and I am so excited to start grilling everything I can get my hands on. Grilling is not just for meats; veggies and fruit are great on the grill too! Grilling makes everything taste better and the cleanup is a breeze.

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Salmon with East-West Spice Rub and Orange-Soy Glaze

Salmon-licious! This was the hit of Christmas dinner! Not that everything else wasn’t fabulous, but the salmon was rubbed and grilled to perfection thanks to Brett and Kelly.

My sister-in-law, Kelly, asked if I had a salmon recipe and I remembered this crowd pleaser from several years back. Even if you have a few people that think they don’t care for salmon “because it is too fishy”, this could change their minds about salmon forever! Continue reading

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