Themes help pull a party together. When your guests arrive, the decorating leaves them with no doubt about what kind of party this is going to be. They’re not just going to eat; it’s going to be special! A hostess that takes a little extra time to decorate elevates the party to the next level no matter what occasion it is.

Luau Party Napkins

 It can be as simple as the tablecloth, napkins and the center piece……


 …..or as detailed as a whole house theme party! 

Halloween knocks on our front door

Transforming the whole space to match the theme sets the mood from the get go with decorations up the front walk and at the front door.  

Luau Party Signs

 Pool Party Signs








Sometimes your guests just need a sign to know what’s up!

Davids 60th We've Been Lei'd

It’s all up to you, your party assistant and your creative inner elf. Show off and get your guests in the mood. It’s party time!

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  1. Jill Jones says:

    It was such a pleasure spending the last couple of days getting to know you and your husband. It is really exciting when we get to know our guests, especially when they are as great as you both! Thank you so much for the great conversation and just being who you are!!

    I hope the Sangiovese was a perfect pair with the Spectaular dinner you are putting together!!

    Wish you well on all your RV adventures to come!!

    Cheers from Tobin James Cellars,

    Jill Jones

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