Golden Twice Baked Yukons

Aren’t tiny things the cutest? Puppies and kittens, babies and, of course, food! There is something about mini sized food and desserts that just beg you to pop them in your mouth. Maybe it’s because even the most decadent dessert or gooey cheesey treat seems harmless to the waistline if you eat them in the smallest of bites. They are so very festive and cheerful, sitting there, waiting for you, taunting you “Eat me! I am delicious!” And so you do. And you are so happy you did! Continue reading

Bacon Wrapped Sweet Potato Bites

This little piggy is a Super Star! Around our house we have the 80/20 Rule. 80% of the time we eat very healthy, tasty foods consisting of mostly vegetables and chicken or fish with lots of flavor! Not boring little piles of things you are supposed to eat. Oh, but when that 20% of the time rolls around we are very naughty! OK….for us very naughty is tacos, french fries, pizza, ice cream/sweets of any kind and real BACON! Pork fat rules on these days!

Continue reading

Spiced Spanish Almonds ~ Salads and Gifts

Marcona Almonds! A gift for yourself and some for your friends. What could be better than that? Any time you make a treat in a big batch, there’s always enough for your family and to share or give as a gift to others. And with the holidays right around the corner, these Marcona almonds are a perfect hostess gift or a great little nibbly bit to give with a bottle of port, wine or a favor beer selection. Giving is so much fun! Continue reading

Vietnamese Fresh Rolls with Peanut Dipping Sauce

You can have it all! Talk about healthy and great tasting all in one bite and you all talking about Spring Rolls. Love the crunch of these beautiful bundles and the nutty, savory flavor of the dipping sauce you plunge them in to. They’re not just an appetizer! Think outside the bundle! We make a complete dinner out of Spring Rolls with a nice, not too fruity Gewurztraminer to wash them down. Oh, yeah…..I’m in heaven just thinking about them! Continue reading

Cha Bo ~ Vietnamese Grilled Beef Patties

Southeast Asia is one of the world’s great melting pots and cooking is one of the oldest of human activities. It is with great excitement I find myself, on the International Cooking Tour, in Southeast Asia! My husband recently asked me, “If you had to pick only three different cuisines to eat for the rest of your life, what would they be?” Hmmm….that is kind of a hard question for a lover of most food to answer but my response was, “Mexican, Italian and Southeast Asian” (Vietnamese and Thai in particular) Let’s see how these flavors evolved into the foods we love today! Continue reading

Blue Cheese Buffalo Chicken Balls

For all my friends who are San Diego Charger fans, this is the perfect appetizer to serve while watching the Chargers beat the Buffalo Bills tomorrow! Make no bones about it, these Buffalo Chicken Balls are juicy little morsels made with celery, stuffed with a blue cheese center and then doused in buffalo wing sauce! They have the same great taste and kick as the traditional wings but without all the mess and no bones! No need for 9 million napkins and baby wipes with these buffalo balls! Go Bolts! Continue reading

Mango Shrimp in Wonton Cups

Come travel with me! I’m back to school and I’m going to take you on a whirlwind international culinary tour for the next 11 weeks! For the last couple of years I’ve taken culinary classes at one of our local community colleges, Grossmont College. I have learned from some great teachers, shared cooking space with fellow food lovers and future chefs and had generally a really great time suiting up in my chef uniform and playing the game! Continue reading

Chicks on Sticks

Why did the chicken cross the road? To spicy up his life, is why! There is never a reason to have a boring chicken cross your plate. Chickens are very agreeable. They are happy to provide you with a fairly neutral canvas to color upon. These little chicks threaded their way onto sticks since they had been invited to a party! They would be equally happy being served up on a platter as a whole marinated breast. Anyway you slice it, the sweet and salty, slightly zesty marinade makes these chickens thrilled to dance to whatever song your playing, especially when you dress them up in a Spicy Orange Sauce outfit! Remember they do have their own song and “Chicken Dance” already!  Continue reading

Italian Flags – Chicken Sausages on Picks

If you’re looking for a complicated, posh appetizer where you spend hours in the kitchen….this is NOT it! If you want a simple appetizer that delivers a big Wow factor and satisfaction every time, you’re in the right place! When I’m in a rush but need an appetizer I can rely on, Italian Flags always come to mind. Yummy chicken sausages topped with the colors of the Italian Flag. Let’s just say the artichoke is white ‘cuz I wanted a departure from the usual Caprese combo. Although, that would be tasty too! Continue reading

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