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No More Moldy Berries!

Life can be very hectic. Learning to slow down, smell the roses, pick the berries is something I am working on. So many times I rush through the market grabbing the things I need to rush home and make the things I want. But there are times when I pause to look around me at all the beautiful colors nature has provided for us in our fruits and vegetables. It is the rainbow and I am grateful for it!

My Mom taught me to thunk the melons, smell the strawberries and squeeze the citrus to get the freshest and sweetest fruits. I do that to this day so when I bring my well-felt and sniffed fruit home I want it to last so I can savor every piece. Continue reading

Take It Outside!

Grill It All
Every since I was a child I thought food tasted better when you ate it outside. From camping trips to eating a vine ripe tomato with a shaker of salt while watering the garden, it just tasted more real outside.
Now the summer season is almost upon us and I am so excited to start grilling everything I can get my hands on. Grilling is not just for meats; veggies and fruit are great on the grill too! Grilling makes everything taste better and the cleanup is a breeze.

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Do You Go a Caroling?

One of the things I enjoy most about the Christmas season is the Carols. Old, new, it doesn’t matter. My husband and I begin the season decorating the tree and singing to all of our favorites. My mother and I knew all the words and my husband, like my father, make up their own words.

That made me wonder; maybe everyone doesn’t remember the old favorites. How many do you remember? Not to worry if you don’t, the answers are at the bottom!

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Theory of Relativity….A Cooks Version!

Einstein may have come up with his Theory of Relativity first but I certainly experienced my own this weekend! Since we all know about Einstein’s, let me tell you about mine. The first time you try a new recipe you are pretty sure you can make it better the next time. But that is not always the case….thus the cook’s version of the Theory. 

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Hey Yogi! What’s in Your Pic-a-nic Basket?

Yogi Picnic
Summertime is Picnic time! Whether you grab a few leftovers from the refrigerator, throw them in the ice chest and go to the local park or beach, or decide to go gourmet and plan your meal and scenic destination, a picnic is always a fun change of pace. The beauty of a picnic basket is that you can fill it with all your favorite things. There are no wrong items as long as you know how to store them, within reason. Leave the ice cream for another day.

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