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Ultimate Cosmopolitan – Friday’s 5 o’clock Wet Your Whistle Call!

Ultimate Cosmo

Better than Sex and the City Cosmo? Our friends think so and we do too! When Cosmopolitans were all the rage, I asked my husband to mix up a couple for us at home. He came up with one that has so much more flavor, passionate color and taste I won’t even order one in a bar or restaurant anymore because I adore my husband’s Cosmo’s….and him! To say they pale in comparison has a double meaning. Most Cosmo’s are a pale pink color and have, well…what I can only describe as a milder flavor profile and that is how they were intended to be. We like things a little zippier at our house! David’s Cosmo is vibrant, packed with the flavor of cranberry and lime and a beautiful garnet color. All because of a secret, until now, ingredient. Now, that is sexy! Continue reading

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