Christmas Cookie Swap!

Have you ever thought about having a cookie swap?  A cookie swap can be lots of fun, plus you end up with a multitude of cookie varieties, even though you only had to bake one kind.  What a great way to discover new cookies recipes, short cut your holiday baking, and have fun with friends! If you have never tried this, here are 5 steps to a successful Cookie Swap:

1. Plan early. People are more likely to attend if you give as much advance notice as possible and schedule your party early in the season so that cookies can be enjoyed throughout the month or close to Christmas so that the cookies can be part of the holiday dessert menu. Personally, I think half the fun is getting those creative juices flowing so I always make up my own invitations. See one example below.
2. Determine the number of cookies. Ask each guest to bring three to six dozen cookies from a single recipe-about one to three batches of an average cookie recipe. Each guest should leave with 3-6 dozen cookies, no matter how many people attend. For example you bring 3 dozen of the same cookies and you leave with 3 dozen of a variety of cookies. Ask each guest to bring an extra half-dozen to enjoy during the party.
Variety of Christmas Cookies
3. Variety Patrol. Invite friends, relatives, neighbors, coworkers, or anyone who loves cookies. The more the merrier and you’ll have that many more kinds of cookies to swap. Ask your guests to let you know what kind of cookies they will bring when they RSVP so that you avoid duplicates.
4. Get copies of the recipes. Each guest should go home with a copy of all of the cookie recipes. Ask guests to bring enough copies of their recipes for all. If you are feeling creative and have the time, ask each guest to email you a copy of his or her recipe a few days ahead of time. Compile the recipes and make a mini Christmas Cookie recipe book. Add some festive pictures from the party and email the collection back to them after the cookies swap. This becomes an annual book that they can cherish and reflect back on for years to come.
 box of christmas cookies
5. Prepare some savory snacks. As the host, you want to make sure that you have a dining room table or a table big enough to hold the plates of cookies that your guests will be bringing. Since it is a party and the guests will be planning on taking the cookies home, you’ll want to serve some refreshments. You and your guests will be sampling lots of cookies, so it’s nice to offer some savory snacks and drinks to balance the sweets. Coffee, tea or mulled cider is perfect. Veggies platter with some cheese and crackers will offset the sweets. Who needs to go into a sugar coma in the middle of a party! 
 Appetizer table
FYI – For all the busy business women who think they don’t have time for all the domestic shenanigans, this is a great networking party and you will meet new people. Many of these women work and/or own their own businesses. You always meet the best people when you are having fun and sharing ideas!
Rules – I personally hate a bunch of rules but there is one rule that is a must!
No Store Bought Cookies Allowed! Christmas cookies for the exchange must be homemade. So no boxes of biscotti and bags of Chips Ahoy!! You don’t want your friends to be disappointed taking home store-bought cookies in exchange for the fresh-baked gourmet cookies they worked so hard to create. Include this one rule in the invitation.
Sample Invitation:You Are Invited To A Cookie Exchange Party! When: ____________________ Where: ____________________ Theme: Cookies with Friends Attire: Festive! Dress comfortably and in theme.
The Details:
A cookie exchange is no ordinary party! No one arrives or leaves a cookie exchange party empty handed. For this special occasion, please bring an assortment of things: 6-Dozen Home-Baked Cookies: Yes, you read that correctly! Everyone in attendance will bring 6-dozen cookies (baked with the theme in mind) and there will be a swap so that everyone leaves with a large assortment of cookies to bring home to their family.
Bring cookies that will hold their shape well. That means: NO soft icings because they are likely to get smooshed in transit. Also NO store bought cookies like Chips Ahoy!!
Recipe Cards: Make enough copies of your cookie recipe to give everyone in attendance a copy. Also this will help people with food allergies know what is in the cookie. Please bring at least 10 copies. See #4 on Cookie Swap for email recipe book idea.
Containers: Bring containers to carry your collection of cookies home with you. We suggest airtight, freezable containers.

A Fancy Arrangement: Please bring a decorative basket or container to display a portion of your cookies on the cookie table.

Please RSVP! Let me know what type of cookie you will be bringing. I would like to ensure that there are a wide variety of cookies baked, so have more than one idea for the cookie you would like to bake, in case someone has already chosen your first choice.

Phone me at _____________. or Email me at______________.

A little sugar, a lot of fun! It’s a cookie exchange, hope you can come!

Tis the Season Cookies


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