A Drinking of the Green! Friday’s 5 o’clock Wet Your Whistle Call!

To green or not to green, that is the question. The Irish say drink a great Irish beer and don’t mess with a good thing. But the American twist that adds a frat boy kind of fun to the whole day is to go with the green beer. It’s not complicated but there is a bit of an art to it.

If the beverage has a strong yellow color, adding 2 or 3 drops of blue food coloring should produce a glass of green brew. If the beer is very light in color, it is easier to add green food coloring and get that Emerald green color.
But if the beer is a stout, forget it! It is still going to be dark brown to black no matter how much green dye you put in it!
Should you want to be a rebel and drink a green beer, we have just the recipe for it.
Green for 1 beer:
Add 3 drops of green food coloring into the bottom of a frosty glass or mug. Then gently pour your beer into the glass or mug. If you add the coloring after you have poured your beer it will still work but you might have to stir it to even out the color. Some people prefer to use blue food coloring but you can get hints of blue in the foamy head. Experiment to see how much and which color works best for you.

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