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Chai Masala – Spiced Tea – Friday’s 5 o’clock Wet Your Whistle Call!

Every tea has its story and Masala Chai is no different. In keeping with the healing and spiritual side of India, we are going to savor the tea that evokes the feeling of India; the very smell of it almost transports you to its streets. And it just so happens to be my favorite tea. Let’s read the ancient tea leaves to get an idea of how this lovely drink has evolved. The Masala Chai we know today did not start out containing any black tea or caffeine. The story of Chai dates back 5,000 years or more to the ancient courts of Siam and India. Legend has it a king concocted the recipe in a quest to create a healing beverage. Did you know Masala means Spiced and Chai means Tea? So when you say Chai Tea you’re really saying Tea Tea, which might be mildly amusing to an Indian. 

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