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Creamy Orecchiette Pasta With Peas and Ham

It just couldn’t be easier and that’s exactly what I needed! I love one pot dinners or a meal in a bowl! Summer is really ramping up with so many parties that my head is spinning……in a happy, creative kind of way! The calendar is getting a very festive look to it as I fill in each new party date. So with planning all the future great things to eat, tonight’s dinner got put on the back burner, so to speak.  Continue reading

Rosemary Roasted Red Skin Potatoes

Rosemary can be kind of intense. I really enjoy the smell of a Christmas tree or a pine forest but having that smell right at my finger tips was not my favorite smell so I didn’t use rosemary for years. But I do adore my husband and he likes rosemary so I thought I’d venture into the piney wildness and make him something with rosemary in it. Being an Irish girl at heart, the first thing that came to mind was potatoes. Continue reading

Baby Kale Salad with OJ Yogurt Dressing

I really like Kale in most forms. Roasted, shredded in a salad with other greens and cabbage, kale chips, in a soup but sometimes a plain kale salad can taste ans smell a bit like a freshly mowed lawn! If I am going to use kale in a salad alone then I like to use baby kale leaves. They are so tender and the flavor is much more subtle. Continue reading

Sherry Green Beans That Sing!

Sher-er-rry, Sherry baby. Sher-er-rry, Sherry baby. She-er-rry, can you come out tonight? Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons may not have been asking for Sherry in their green beans but what a great idea to party up those traditional green beans for Thanksgiving! Bring out the sherry tonight and everyone can sign a round of Sherry Baby and be thankful for the variety!   Continue reading

Take the Labor Out of Labor Day!

Labor Day Take the Day Off

Do you remember why we get Labor Day off from work? It really was more of a protest than a parade in the beginning! Labor Day was first celebrated in September of 1894 as a way to appease the labor unions and workers after the Pullman Railway Strike. Continue reading

Grilled Corn on the Cob with Garlic Butter, Lime and Cotija Cheese

There is so much corn in the grocery store right now that you just have to have it! Nothing is better than corn on the cob at the height of the season! Some people can and only will eat it with a little salt, pepper and butter but I like to dress it up so I am constantly experimenting with new flavor combos.

I had to turn to my favorite grill guy Bobby Flay because I had just run out of ideas. My brain was like a chicken picked cob with no inspiration left. Bobby to the rescue and dinner is shaping up! Continue reading

Green Chili Cheese Cornbread Poppers

It’s cold! I mean it’s cold for us San Diegans so we need to take advantage of it while it lasts and make up big pots of soups, stews and chili and don’t forget the cornbread! I love a cornbread muffin with a bowl of soup but I really can’t imagine chili without these muffins. What’s extra fun about these little guys is that you can eat a whole handful of these yummy little rounds of flavor and it will still only add up to about two regular sized muffins. It just seems like a bonus to me! Continue reading

Cuban Style Black Beans

Sofrito…… I love the sound of the word and what it does for the flavor of food. Many Cuban dishes use a sofrito as their basis. The sofrito consists of onion, green pepper, garlic, oregano, and ground pepper quick-fried in olive oil. It is used when cooking black beans, tomato sauces, grilled meats and stews and it’s what makes the food have the uniquely Cuban flavor that is so recognizable.  Continue reading

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