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Take the Labor Out of Labor Day!

Labor Day Take the Day Off

Do you remember why we get Labor Day off from work? It really was more of a protest than a parade in the beginning! Labor Day was first celebrated in September of 1894 as a way to appease the labor unions and workers after the Pullman Railway Strike. Continue reading

Pineapple Cabbage Coleslaw

My Mom made this coleslaw a lot when I was growing up and I loved it. It has the perfect combination of sweet from the pineapple, tart from the Granny Smith apples, crunch from the carrots and cabbage and a creaminess from the dressing.

Well, years later, I married a wonderful man that would eat anything but his adorable son was quite the opposite! Ryan is a very “selective eater” to say the least. I still tease him to this day that the list of things he won’t eat is like the list of things I will eat. Continue reading

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