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Greek Yogurt Cheesecake with Raspberries and Pistachios

Happy Anniversary to my sweetie! And my sweetie has a sweet tooth, or two and I’m a savory character. Our philosophy is to always put each other first and do what makes the other happy and if you do, you will both get what you want out of life and the marriage. 

With that in mind I wanted to make a dessert for us that was not too sweet and not too savory. One that was just right. I think this one does just that! Anyway, it surely made us happy!  Continue reading

Turtle Dove Brownies

Oh my, oh my! If you want to win your true love’s heart, this is an excellent way to start! We all know that brownies are fantastic on their own but when you marry them with salted caramel, nuts and more chocolate you will be able to ask for just about anything you want from your sweetie. Small bites…don’t get carried away or he will be in a sugar coma and you won’t get what your little heart has been desiring. Continue reading

Take the Labor Out of Labor Day!

Labor Day Take the Day Off

Do you remember why we get Labor Day off from work? It really was more of a protest than a parade in the beginning! Labor Day was first celebrated in September of 1894 as a way to appease the labor unions and workers after the Pullman Railway Strike. Continue reading

Amaretto Cheesecake Flan

Sweeten up your Cinco de Mayo party! My husband absolutely adores flan! I have made the traditional kind for him so many times that I thought I’d add a little twist to it this year. This is a firmer flan that resembles the kind my friend Kathy makes from her Portuguese grandmother’s recipe. And I say anything with a little alcohol added to it has to be a winner! Continue reading

Cupcakes Aren’t Just for Parties!

Tiedye Cupcake
I was saying to my husband that January doesn’t have any holidays or big reasons to celebrate and have a party. I know in most parts of the country it is cold and sometimes dreary. I am so lucky because today the sun is shining in Southern California so I thought I’d bring a little sunshine to the rest of you.  
Winter is the best time for citrus and it is one of my favorite flavors. Our Meyer Lemons, Oranges and Mexican Limes are all hanging heavy on the trees so it is harvest time. Citrus is so bright and cheery and can be the ingredient that brings the dish to life! This is a chiffon cake and is light and airy. The perfect pair, a light flavorful cake and citrus. Heaven in every bite.
So have some sunshine in a cupcake and you will have a party in January!

Continue reading

Skeleton’s in the Cupcake Closet

Dancing Skeleton Cupcakes

Bring a “ghoul” platter of cupcakes to your office or neighborhood party and get those skeletons out of the closet! It’s easy to do when you remember that “the leg bone’s connected to the knee bone and the knee bone’s connected to the foot bone”, as the song goes. You’ll have your skeletons dancing across your cupcakes in no time.     Continue reading

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