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Cupcakes Aren’t Just for Parties!

Tiedye Cupcake
I was saying to my husband that January doesn’t have any holidays or big reasons to celebrate and have a party. I know in most parts of the country it is cold and sometimes dreary. I am so lucky because today the sun is shining in Southern California so I thought I’d bring a little sunshine to the rest of you.  
Winter is the best time for citrus and it is one of my favorite flavors. Our Meyer Lemons, Oranges and Mexican Limes are all hanging heavy on the trees so it is harvest time. Citrus is so bright and cheery and can be the ingredient that brings the dish to life! This is a chiffon cake and is light and airy. The perfect pair, a light flavorful cake and citrus. Heaven in every bite.
So have some sunshine in a cupcake and you will have a party in January!

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Oh, What Tangled Webs We Weave!

These are some of the easiest wow factor cupcakes you can make and your friends will be asking where you got them. How much fun will you have telling them that you made them yourself! Spider webs are one of the essential elements for Halloween but they don’t just have to be on your front porch. Extend that theme onto the dessert tray with these spider web cupcakes. Sometimes it is downright fun to weave a tangled web!

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